Monday, January 30, 2023

Cadillac Urban Luxury

The Urban Luxury is designed for people who live in a city and need a smaller vehicle but don’t want to compromise on the upscale tech. The Cadillac Urban Luxury Concept celebrates its scale with intelligent, innovative content that makes it unique regardless of its size.

It has a small exterior footprint, but is roomy inside to popular city cars found in Paris, Shanghai and London. Engineers have developed a concept hybrid propulsion system for the Cadillac Urban Luxury Concept that includes a turbocharged 1.0L 3-cylinder engine employing electric assist technology, engine start-stop function, brake energy regeneration and a dry dual-clutch transmission. Based on extensive prototype and production experience, a combination of these technologies could offer projected fuel economy of 56 mpg in the city and 65 mpg on the highway.

Using the 19-inch wheels are pushed to the edges of the body, a design that creates almost no overhangs, leaving more space inside. In fact, the car’s wheelbase is 97.1 inches (2,467 mm), but the overall length is only 151 inches (3,835 mm). The interior room is bolstered by a wide, 68.1-inch (1,730 mm) stance and 56.9-inch (1,446 mm) height.

The Urban Luxury Concept is filled with touch screens and projected displays in addition to high-end trim materials like carbon-colored wood, aluminum and ceramic. Those screens and displays also allow for more interior space, which is ultra important since this Caddy is a mere 151 inches long, 68.1 inches wide and 56.9 inches tall. Cadillac is toying with the very limits of its Art and Science ethos by compressing luxury, technology and design into this tight package.

Cadillac Urban Luxury Concept’s interior offers modern parents a conveniently integrated Orbit Baby SmartHub, a large windshield and twin skylights. Also includes a pair of projected readouts flanks a large, prominent analog speedometer reminiscent of a high-end time piece, assisted by a high-definition head-up display. Capacitive multi-touch switches throughout the interior ensure seamless and intuitive electronic control.

The Urban Luxury Concept’s interior materials convey luxury through quality and advanced technology. Blue and grey leather dominates the interior space and is contrasted by fabric selected for its high-tech look and feel.  It is finished with carbon-color wood inlays, brushed aluminum accents and ceramic materials. Ambient lighting conveys an upscale aura that is complemented by the ultra-modern Tanzanite glow of the touch-screen displays.

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